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California Triple Crown Ride Calendar
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"Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory."
George Patton


In 1987, Lon Haldeman and Pete Penseyres rode Across America from Huntington Beach, California to
Atlantic City, New Jersey, on a Tandem in 7 Days and 14 Hours.
Their record is still the fastest non-stop crossing of the United States by bicycle!!
On the last day, Pete was interviewed while riding on the back of the tandem:
"The important point is to set a goal just beyond your reach.
So if you do meet it, you'll feel really good about the fact that you did your best, considering the circumstances.
As opposed to just like cruising in and then two days later, you start thinking back, Gee we could have done better. There won't be any of that.
We won't have any regrets about how hard we rode. And whether we made it.
We''ve done the best we could the whole way.
And we're going to feel great tonight!!"


2020 California Triple Crown Calendar
02/22/20Camino Real DoublePlanet Ultra12/11/1912/31/1902/08/2002/21/20UnkownVolunteer
03/07/20Southern Inyo Double CenturyHugh Murphy -- Kermit Ganier and Friends11/30/1912/15/1902/29/2003/07/2003/21/20Volunteer
03/08/20Southern Inyo Double-DoubleHugh Murphy -- Kermit Ganier and Friends11/30/1912/15/1902/29/2003/07/2003/21/20Volunteer
03/14/20Joshua Tree Double CenturyMountain High Cycling12/24/1901/15/2002/29/2003/13/2003/13/20Volunteer
03/21/20Solvang Spring DoublePlanet Ultra12/15/1912/31/1903/07/2003/20/20UnkownVolunteer
04/11/20Mulholland Double
Stage Race Event
Planet Ultra01/01/2003/30/1904/08/2004/10/20UnkownVolunteer
04/18/20Hemet D.C.Jim Watrous10/01/1901/25/2003/28/2004/18/20UnkownVolunteer
04/25/20Devil Mountain DoubleQuackcyclists02/01/20None03/31/2004/20/2004/18/20Volunteer
05/02/20Borrego Double CenturyMountain High Cycling01/01/20NoneNone05/02/2005/03/20Volunteer
05/09/20Central Coast Double
Stage Race Event
BMS Cycling02/01/20None04/30/2005/07/20UnkownVolunteer
05/16/20Davis DoubleDavis Bike Club03/01/20None05/01/2005/10/2005/09/20Volunteer
05/23/20Heartbreak DoublePlanet Ultra01/01/2002/28/2005/04/2005/22/20UnkownVolunteer
06/06/20Eastern Sierra DoublePlanet Ultra01/01/2001/31/2005/31/2006/05/20UnkownVolunteer
06/13/20Tour of Two Forests DoublePlanet Ultra01/01/20None06/10/2006/12/19UnkownVolunteer
06/20/20Terrible TwoSanta Rosa Cycling Club03/01/20None06/01/2006/15/20UnkownVolunteer
06/27/20Grand Tour Double-DoubleLA Wheelmen04/01/20None06/14/2006/27/2007/11/20Volunteer
06/27/20Grand TourLA Wheelmen04/01/20None06/14/2006/27/2007/11/20Volunteer
06/27/20Alta Alpina 8 Pass ChallengeAlta Alpina Cycling Club12/21/1901/17/2005/01/2006/24/1907/18/20Volunteer
08/01/20Southern Inyo by Moonlight DoubleHugh Murphy -- Kermit Ganier and Friends11/30/19NoneNone08/01/20UnkownVolunteer
08/29/20Carmel Valley Double
Stage Race Event
XeDapViet Cycling Club 04/01/20NoneNone08/21/2009/12/20Volunteer
09/12/20Beach City DoubleNdZONE01/01/2006/24/2008/25/2009/09/20UnkownVolunteer
09/26/20Knoxville Fall Classic DoubleQuackcyclists07/01/2008/31/2009/01/2009/21/2009/19/20Volunteer
10/03/20Best of the Bay Double CenturyCherry City Cyclists03/01/2003/31/2008/01/2009/28/2010/17/20Volunteer
10/10/20Bass Lake Powerhouse DoubleFresno Cycling Club03/01/2009/01/2010/01/2010/10/20UnkownVolunteer
10/24/20Oceanside Double CenturyMountain High Cycling01/01/2009/01/2010/01/2010/24/2010/23/20Volunteer
11/07/20Southern Inyo Fall Double CenturyHugh Murphy -- Kermit Ganier and Friends11/30/19NoneNone11/07/20UnkownVolunteer
12/05/20Dead of Winter DoubleLA Wheelmen08/01/20NoneNoneNone12/12/20Volunteer
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