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California Triple Crown Ride Calendar
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Congratulations to everyone who has completed
at least One Double Century in 2020 shown HERE.

Even More Congratulations to the
2020 California Triple Crown Winners shown HERE.
Be a California Triple Crown Winner this year!!

HUGE Congratulations to the
2020 California Triple Crown Gold Thousand Mile Club Winners shown HERE.
Be a California Triple Crown Gold Thousand Mile Club Winner this year!!

After much thought and discussion, we see the following problems with trying to run the California Triple Cage Race in 2020 with actual Double Century events:

1 – Since the clock is running, the Stage Race encourages drafting which can easily spread COVID-19.

2 - Since the clock is running, the Stage Race encourages fast Rest Stops which could well mean a lack of social distancing no matter how careful the Rest Stops are organized thereby easily spreading COVID-19.

3 – Like the recent discovery by the organizers of the Alta Alpina 8 Pass Challenge, there is a good chance that the authorities may not approve the permits or may pull them at the last minute if there is a surge in COVID-19.

We don’t believe running the California Triple Crown Stage Race virtually makes sense because everyone would be on a different course on different days with different conditions and different support.

Therefore, the 2020 California Triple Crown Stage Race has been cancelled. We look forward to the 2021 California Triple Crown Stage Race with the same three Double Centuries: Mulholland, Central Coast, and Carmel Valley as shown in the 2021 Calendar below.

Planet Ultra ran the Heartbreak Double, the Eastern Sierra Double, and the Tour of Two Forests Double Virtually as described HERE

The Los Angeles Wheelmen have announced: "Grand Tour riders past and present: With the COVID-19 situation as it is, the Los Angeles Wheelmen Board of Directors has chosen to replace the usual Grand Tour event with a virtual Grand Tour.  Unlike the standard event, the virtual Grand Tour does not include support with rest stops, SAG etc.  For details and rules, please check HERE  Stay safe and keep the rubber side down."  Kermit Ganier and Ira Kucheck are organizing this challenge during this pandemic.

The Alta Alpina 8 Pass Challenge has been cancelled for 2020 as shown HERE

The Southern Inyo by Moonlight Double and Double-Double will be ran virtually as described HERE

The Carmel Valley Double will be ran virtually as described HERE

COVID-19 continues to plague the World and California as shown HERE

Each California Triple Crown Ride Organizer is doing their best to carefully navigate through the very complicated waters caused by this pandemic.  The reality is that COVID-19 will be with us at least through 2020 and most likely well into 2021. We hope and pray that there will be a vaccine but it won't be anytime soon.

We look forward to the day when we can all gather and share miles on these challenges together.

Please stay safe by riding the safest routes you can find either solo or with the healthiest people you know at a good distance.  May we all stay healthy!!

2020 California Triple Crown Calendar
09/12/20Beach City DoubleNdZONE01/01/2006/24/2008/25/2009/09/20UnkownVolunteer
09/19/20Central Coast DoubleBMS Cycling02/01/20None04/30/2005/07/20UnkownVolunteer
09/26/20Mulholland DoublePlanet Ultra01/01/2003/30/1904/08/2009/25/20UnkownVolunteer
09/26/20Knoxville Fall Classic DoubleQuackcyclists07/01/2008/31/2009/01/2009/21/2009/19/20Volunteer
10/03/20Best of the Bay DoubleCherry City Cyclists03/01/2003/31/2008/01/2009/28/2010/17/20Volunteer
10/03/20Hemet D.C.Jim Watrous10/01/1901/25/2003/28/2004/18/20UnkownVolunteer
10/10/20Bass Lake Powerhouse DoubleFresno Cycling Club08/01/2009/01/2010/01/2010/10/20UnkownVolunteer
10/17/20Solvang Spring DoublePlanet Ultra12/15/1912/31/1903/07/2010/16/20UnkownVolunteer
10/24/20Oceanside DoubleMountain High Cycling01/01/2009/01/2010/01/2010/24/2010/23/20Volunteer
11/07/20Southern Inyo Fall DoubleHugh Murphy11/30/19NoneNone11/07/20UnkownVolunteer
11/08/20Southern Inyo Fall Double-DoubleHugh Murphy11/30/19NoneNone11/07/20UnkownVolunteer
12/05/20Dead of Winter DoubleLA Wheelmen08/01/20NoneNoneNone12/12/20Volunteer
12/06/20Dead of Winter Double-DoubleLA Wheelmen08/01/20NoneNoneNone12/12/20Volunteer

2021 California Triple Crown Calendar
The Rides below are for the 2021 California Triple Crown
The California Triple Crown is awarded on a Calendar Year Basis
The Rides below can not be used to complete your 2020 California Triple Crown
02/13/21Camino Real DoublePlanet Ultra12/01/2012/31/2001/30/2102/12/21UnkownVolunteer
03/06/21Southern Inyo DoubleHugh Murphy11/30/2012/15/2002/28/2103/06/2103/20/21Volunteer
03/07/21Southern Inyo Double-DoubleHugh Murphy11/30/2012/15/2002/28/2103/06/2103/20/21Volunteer
03/13/21Joshua Tree DoubleMountain High Cycling12/24/2001/15/2102/28/2103/12/2103/12/21Volunteer
04/10/21Mulholland Double
Stage Race Event
Planet Ultra01/01/2103/30/2104/07/2104/09/21UnkownVolunteer
04/24/21Devil Mountain DoubleQuackcyclists02/01/21None03/31/2104/19/2104/17/21Volunteer
05/01/21Borrego DoubleMountain High Cycling01/01/21NoneNone05/01/2105/02/21Volunteer
05/08/21Central Coast Double
Stage Race Event
BMS Cycling02/01/21None04/30/2105/06/21UnkownVolunteer
05/15/21Davis DoubleDavis Bike Club03/01/21None05/01/2105/09/2105/08/21Volunteer
05/29/21Heartbreak DoublePlanet Ultra01/01/2102/28/2105/03/2105/28/21UnkownVolunteer
06/05/21Eastern Sierra DoublePlanet Ultra01/01/2101/31/2105/31/2106/04/21UnkownVolunteer
06/12/21Tour of Two Forests DoublePlanet Ultra01/01/21None06/09/2106/11/21UnkownVolunteer
06/19/21Terrible TwoSanta Rosa Cycling Club03/01/21None06/01/2106/14/21UnkownVolunteer
06/26/21Grand TourLA Wheelmen04/01/21None06/13/2106/26/2107/10/21Volunteer
06/27/21Grand Tour Double-DoubleLA Wheelmen04/01/21None06/13/2106/26/2107/10/21Volunteer
07/24/21Southern Inyo by Moonlight DoubleHugh Murphy11/30/20NoneNone07/24/21UnkownVolunteer
07/25/21Southern Inyo by Moonlight Double-DoubleHugh Murphy11/30/20NoneNone07/24/21UnkownVolunteer
08/28/21Carmel Valley Double
Stage Race Event
XeDapViet Cycling Club 04/01/21NoneNone08/27/2109/11/21Volunteer
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