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"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.
Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.
The winds will blow their own freshness into you,
and the storms their energy,
while cares will drop off like autumn leaves."
John Muir


The California Triple Crown Awards Breakfast will be held on Sunday September 22, 2019 from 7:30 A.M. to about 10:00 A.M. NEW this year, you need to reserve your seat in advance for the Awards Breakfast. You can find out all about it, reserve your seat and see who has registered at www.CalTripleCrown.com/Awards Please register NOW so we know how much food to order for Breakfast.

Please wear your favorite California Triple Crown Jersey or Double Century Event Jersey and stay to the end to be in the photos and congratulate the Hall of Famers as well as the Stage Race Winners!!

The 2019 California Triple Crown is well underway. The results of all of the 2019 Double Centuries so far this year have been posted HERE.

The current inventory of California Triple Crown jerseys is shown HERE. If you are planning to order a Jersey that is not in stock, please place your order now. The next order of Voler Products will arrive in December with an order deadline in September. On the Inventory Page, negative numbers In Stock are the numbers of that product that are on Backorder and will be shipped after they arrive from Voler in December. We always order some extras, but sizes and quantities cannot be guaranteed unless you enter your order before the Voler deadline in September. We are sorry for the delay but the California Triple Crown can only afford to place one large order to Voler per year.

As the Calendar below shows, the Carmel Valley Double is tomorrow. Dzung Dang wrote: "XeDapViet (XDV) Cycling Club invites you to ride some of the challenging beautiful roads in Monterey County on our 4th annual Carmel Valley Double (CVD) scheduled on Saturday, September 7th, 2019. Although our online registration is closed, you still can participate (volunteering and/or riding) by contacting CVD ride director Dzung Dang at 408-828-3281, or via email agatsu@gmail.com."

9/21/19 is the Beach City Double where you'll see many scenic vista points in Orange County on a vastly improved route from last year. Jim Cook, the ride organizer for the Beach City Double, wrote the following:"The Beach City's current pricing expires on September 6, so Sign-Up Now for the Double, Century, or Metric. This local event is in Irvine, not far from you. Fast and easy to find off the 405 and 5 freeways. It includes 7 High energy aid stations with lunch, synchronized routes provide the maximin amount of ride between the different distances, enhanced route with the addition of Live Oak Canyon, Los Patrones, and the San Juan Creek Trail, friendly staff to help make your ride a fun experience, and a free Bad Boy T-shirt for every rider. See you there at Beach City Double/Century/Metric!" www.NDZone.com

9/28/19 is the Knoxville Fall Classic Double where you'll ride some incredibly beautiful Northern California roads on a friendly, social ride with no recorded times. Scott Halversen, the ride organizer for the Knoxville Fall Classic Double, wrote: "We've reimagined our event this year. Please see www.Quackcyclists.com for more details. The "public" ride on 9/28/19 is sold-out, but there are still paid spots available for our "staff" ride which will be held on 9/21/19."

10/05/19 is the Best of the Bay Double Century. Ride Organizer Cheryl Hopkins wrote: "Cherry City Cyclists invite you to join us on October 5, 2019 for our 4th annual Best of the Bay "BOB" event. Our countdown is just 30 days away to ride day! Please refer to the RIDES TAB at www.CherryCityCyclists.com for ride details and to download the registration form. ****Our registration process does NOT add any service fees to your registration !! Note: ALL registrations MUST be postmarked no later that Monday September 30, 2019. We look forward to seeing you on October 5th"

10/12/19 is the Bass Lake Powerhouse Double Century. Ride Organizer Angelo Quitorio wrote: "Please join us to celebrate our 15th Annual Bass Lake Powerhouse Double Century this October 12. The Fresno Cycling Club along with the Filipino American Cycling Team are putting together an epic and memorable ride for all our participants. Please register at www.BassLakeDouble.com"

10/19/19 is the Solvang Autumn Double Century. Ride Organizer Deb Caplan wrote: "Just as beautiful as the Spring event, but more challenging with just under 12,000' of climbing. Metric century, century, and 200K options as well. With decreased participation over the last years, this could be the final Fall Solvang. Experience it before it's gone."


Major Congratulations to 195 Cyclists who have already earned their 2019 California Triple Crown by completing at least Three Double Centuries this year as shown HERE. Make your plans today to have some fun on the Double Centuries shown in the list below for the rest of the year.


The California Triple Crown has announced a new 25 Double Century Short Sleeve Jersey!!

You can see this new jersey, learn all about it, and Order It HERE


The California Triple Crown Stage Race was started in 1996 to add a competition to the top end of the California Triple Crown Double Century series. This is how the Stage Race works: Riders have to complete three of the most difficult Doubles in the California Triple Crown Double Century series. The Total Elapsed Time from each of these grueling Doubles is then added together and the rider with the fastest overall time for all Three Doubles wins the Stage Race.

After completing the three brutally tough stages of the 2019 California Triple Crown Stage Race, the following riders are on the podiums:

2019 Overall Division:
1 - Sakae Wada
2 - Kenny Owen
3 - Maximiliano Mehech

Sakae and Kenny completed the Central Coast Double in the same time
Kenny completed the Terrible Two 11 minutes ahead of Sakae
Sakae completed the Alta Alpina 8 Pass Challenge 55 minutes ahead of Kenny thereby winning the Stage Race by 44 minutes!!

2019 Women's Division:
1 - Shelby Weber

2019 Tandem Division:
No Finishers

2019 Recumbent Division:
No Finishers

2019 Fixed Gear Division:
1 - Steve Smead

Congratulations to everyone.

100 cyclists completed the Central Coast Double on May 11, 2019 under beautiful conditions. 
Only 68 cyclists completed the Highland Course required for the California Triple Crown Stage Race.

109 cyclists registered for the Terrible Two, 104 started and only 68 completed this extremely difficult course.

Ride Organizer Bill Oetinger wrote: "No one knows what the weather will be like when they sign up for the Terrible Two. Mother Nature breathes in and out every few days: on-shore, off-shore, back and forth and we never know which end of the cycle will greet the troops when they line up at the start. One thing we can almost predict though: if it's hot early in the week leading up to the TT, it will probably have cooled down by the weekend.

That was the case this year. On Monday and Tuesday we were seeing readings around the county as high
as 106. Life was a little uncomfortable then, but we took comfort in knowing or at least hoping the fever
would break before Friday. And so it did. On the day of the big ride on Saturday, June 15 highs around the
course ranged from 85 in Cloverdale to an almost nippy 67 in Sebastopol."

The Alta Alpina 8 Pass Challenge was the third and final stage of the 2019 California Triple Crown Stage Race on June 29, 2019.

Only 45 cyclists completed this extremely challenging course with 20,700 Feet of Climbing!!

We tip our helmets to all of those who have completed all three stages of this most difficult 2019 Stage Race.
Everyone who completes all three stages will be recognized at the 2019 California Triple Crown Awards Breakfast to be held on 9/22/19, the day after the Beach City Double. The 3 winners in each division will be awarded the coveted California Triple Crown Stage Race Plaques.

We are looking for photos from these Double Centuries. Please e-mail links to them to Chuck Bramwell at CBrams at CalTripleCrown.com

To complete the California Triple Crown Stage Race is a HUGE Accomplishment in cycling!!

You don't have to do anything special to sign up for the Stage Race: In 2020, all you have to do is to sign up for and ride your heart out on the 3 Doubles in the Stage Race!! Of course, that's much easier said than done!! Here are the Rules:

To be in the Tandem Division, the rider has to ride each of the 3 Double Centuries on a tandem with the same person.
To be in the Recumbent Division, the rider has to ride each of the 3 Double Centuries on a Recumbent bike.
To be in the Fixed Gear Division, the rider has to ride each of the 3 Double Centuries on a Fixed Gear bike.
The Overall Division Winners can include Women, Tandems, Recumbents, or Fixed Gear Bikes if they finish in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place overall in the 3 Double Centuries.
No motors of any kind are allowed on these bikes ridden in the California Triple Crown Stage Race ... each of those Double Centuries must be strictly human powered events.Any form of human-powered vehicle is acceptable but the vehicle must be powered solely by the rider.
The awards for the Winners in each Division will be determined by the Organizers of the Double Centuries in the Stage Race.

The California Triple Crown issues this challenge: Be among the select few who are able to finish the Stage Race!! Everyone who completes the 2019 Stage Race will be commended and will be able to wear the coveted California Triple Crown Stage Race Jersey. Just to complete these three Extremely Difficult Rides is a MAJOR accomplishment!!

The California Triple Crown lays down this challenge: Be among the select few who are able to finish the Stage Race!!


Congratulations to the 2019 California Triple Crown Winners shown HERE

And Even More Congratulations to the
2019 California Triple Crown Gold Thousand Mile Club Winners
shown HERE
Be a Gold Thousand Mile Club Winner in 2019!!

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