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Congratulations to everyone who has completed
at least One Double Century in 2021 shown HERE.

Even More Congratulations to the
2021 California Triple Crown Winners shown HERE.
Be a California Triple Crown Winner this year!!

HUGE Congratulations to the
2021 California Triple Crown Gold Thousand Mile Club Winners shown HERE.
Be a California Triple Crown Gold Thousand Mile Club Winner this year!!
You need to volunteer at a Double Century to be a Gold Thousand Mile Club Winner.
Click the Volunteer link next to a Double in the Calendar below.

To The California Triple Crown Family:

In order to be a more informed Double Century cyclist, we highly encourage you to join the California Triple Crown Group on Facebook HERE


RESULTS OF CAMINO REAL, JOSHUA TREE, AND SOLVANG SPRING DOUBLES POSTED    The results of the Camino Real, Joshua Tree, and Solvang Spring Doubles have been posted HERE.

Congratulations to the 18 riders who have already completed their California Triple Crown in 2022 as shown HERE by riding all 3 of these early season Double Centuries!!


Planet Ultra reports that participation numbers for Eastern Sierra are down so far as to risk cancellation of the event.

The Eastern Sierra Double Century is one of the most beautiful doubles in California!

Route Description: After a fast, flat warm up around Bishop and heading north through the cattle ranches of Round Valley, the climbing begins in earnest!   Ascending up from Round Valley to Crowley Lake, the Old Sherwin Grade winds through pinion pine and juniper woodlands while following Lower Rock Creek to enter Mono County and the heartland of the Eastern Sierra.   After cresting Sherwin Grade, a rider friendly 1800′ climb, you are greeted by the startling views of Mt. Ritter and Mt. Banner, and the serrated ridge of the Minarets in the northern distance.   North a few miles further awaits Lake Crowley and the grassy bed of Long Valley.   Further north en route to Mammoth Lakes, you pass Hilton and McGee Creeks; the mouths of their canyons filled with huge glacial moraines empty into the valley from the Sierra high country.   

Leaving Long Valley, you’ll quickly enter the town of Mammoth Lakes, famous for its world class ski resort.   You’ll climb gently, but quickly, around the outskirts of town and head out of town and north via the Mammoth Scenic Drive.   After a short climb cresting the 8,041′ summit of Deadman Pass, you’ll enjoy a well deserved descent as you head to the June Lake Loop where you’ll enjoy the incredible views of June, Gull, Silver and Grant Lakes.   

Once you’re back on 395, you’ll enter 'The Land of Mono' as you head to Lee Vining and a nice lunch stop.   Enjoy the views of Mono Lake, a million year old body of water ringed by eerie tufa towers, volcanic craters, mountain peaks, and high desert silences.   Mono Lake has no outlet; over the thousands of years of its existence, salts and minerals washed into the lake have become concentrated as waters have evaporated.   Though Mono Lake has been called a 'dead sea', it actually abounds with life.   No fish live in the lake, but populations of brine shrimp and brine flies adapted to the exceptionally high concentration of salts provide a plentiful food supply for more than seventy species of migratory and nesting birds.   

Leaving Mono Lake, you’ll head south on Hwy 395 to Hwy 120 through the Mono Crater area.   Take time to look around as you climb between these craters en route to the high plains at Sage Hen Summit, through red lava canyons and down into Benton with NEW pavement and no more bumpy expansion gaps!   Then a fast, flattish return down Hwy 6 through Chalfant and back to Bishop.

See the route HERE

This course has about 10,300 feet of elevation gain, more than half of which is between mile 16 and mile 80. As doubles go, it’s not that tough and the views and roads are so incredible, you won’t even notice the climbing that it does have!

Please SAVE this double century. Sign up today! https://PlanetUltra.com



Ride Organizer Bridgette DeShields reports that registration is way down for the Terrible Two.   If we do not reach our minimum of 80 riders by mid-May, the event could be cancelled for 2022.   As of now we need about 30 more signups in the next 5 days to get there.   So, sign up now soon (we have both the double century or a 200K event).   More info and registration at: www.terribletwodouble.com



As you know, the Central Coast Double Century was cancelled for this year which opened an opportunity for another difficult Double Century to take it's place in the 2022 California Triple Crown Stage Race.

The Alta Alpina 8 Pass Challenge on 6/25/22 has been selected to be the Second Stage of the 2022 California Triple Crown Stage Race replacing the Central Coast Double.   This gives Stage Race riders 11 weeks to recover from the Mulholland Double and then increase their fitness for the Alta Alpina 8 Pass Challenge.   It also gives them 9 weeks to recover from the Alta Alpina 8 Pass Challenge before tackling the Carmel Valley Double on 8/27/22.

The Alta Alpina 8 Pass Challenge includes 21,700 Feet of Climbing where you'll experience the breathtaking scenic beauty of eight classic, wild sierra climbs plus panoramas of Diamond Valley and Carson Valley on a course that features some of the best pavement you'll find on any organized ride.   The course is in a remote and rugged area--there are no traffic lights and just a dozen stop signs.

Michael Bayer, the Ride Organizer of the Alta Alpina 8 Pass Challenge, wrote: 'Yes! We’d be delighted to host a stage this year.   Thank you very much for the opportunity to take this on!'

The addition of the Alta Alpina 8 Pass Challenge to the 2022 California Triple Crown Stage Race is now shown on the Schedule Page on www.CalTripleCrown.com and on the Ride Calendar on www.CalTripleCrown.org.

BORREGO DOUBLE CANCELLED    The 2022 Borrego Double has been cancelled.

This has been announced at www.CalTripleCrown.com in the What's New? section.

The Schedule Page has been updated HERE to reflect 2022 Ride Cancelled.

The Stats page at www.CalTripleCrown.org .... 2022 ... has been updated to reflect that the ride is CANCELLED.


The Prestigious Gold Thousand Mile Club Jersey

The Gold Thousand Mile Club Jersey is only available to those cyclists who complete Five Double Centuries or 1,000 Miles of Double Centuries in One Year PLUS volunteer to support at least one of them. These rides can only continue if volunteers (spelled Y-O-U) jump in and help. Support means that you and/or a family member or friend volunteered to help with a California Triple Crown Double Century. It's not enough to just ride the rides because if that's all everyone does, these major adventures will go the way of the dinosaurs!! It's not easy running Rest Stops 200+ Miles from nowhere so each of these rides need YOUR help. Besides that, it's fun to help out your fellow cyclists and get a chance to talk to some really great people. Active Double Century riders cannot donate their volunteer days to other riders.

In 1987, Lon Haldeman and Pete Penseyres rode Across America from Huntington Beach, California to Atlantic City, New Jersey, on a Tandem in 7 Days and 14 Hours.
Their record is still the fastest non-stop crossing of the United States by bicycle!!

On the last day, Pete was interviewed while riding on the back of the tandem:
"The important point is to set a goal just beyond your reach.
So if you do meet it, you'll feel really good about the fact that you did your best, considering the circumstances.
As opposed to just like cruising in and then two days later, you start thinking back, Gee we could have done better. There won't be any of that.
We won't have any regrets about how hard we rode. And whether we made it.
We''ve done the best we could the whole way.
And we're going to feel great tonight!!"

We look forward to seeing and riding with everyone on the Live Double Centuries in 2022!!

Tony Musorafite, California Triple Crown Assistant Data Guy
Mike Sturgill, California Triple Crown Assistant Data Guy
Lynn Katano, California Triple Crown Social Director
Roland Hoffman, California Triple Crown History Guy
Charlie Irwin, California Triple Crown Software Guy
Chuck Bramwell, California Triple Crown Guy

2022 California Triple Crown Calendar
06/04/22Eastern Sierra DoublePlanet Ultra01/01/2201/31/2205/31/2206/03/22UnkownVolunteer
06/11/22Tour of Two Forests DoublePlanet Ultra01/01/22None06/08/2206/10/22UnkownVolunteer
06/18/22Terrible TwoSanta Rosa Cycling Club03/01/22None05/01/2206/12/22UnkownVolunteer
06/25/22Alta Alpina 8 Pass Challenge
Stage Race Event
Alta Alpina Cycling Club12/21/2101/17/2205/01/2206/20/2207/09/22Volunteer
06/25/22Grand TourLA Wheelmen04/01/22None06/12/2206/25/2207/09/22Volunteer
06/26/22Grand Tour Double-DoubleLA Wheelmen04/01/22None06/12/2206/25/2207/09/22Volunteer
08/27/22Carmel Valley Double
Stage Race Event
XeDapViet Cycling Club 04/01/22NoneNone08/26/2209/10/22Volunteer
09/10/22Beach City DoubleNdZONE01/01/2207/01/2208/24/2209/07/22UnkownVolunteer
09/24/22Knoxville Fall Classic DoubleQuackcyclists07/01/2208/31/2209/01/2209/19/2209/17/22Volunteer
10/01/22Best of the Bay DoubleCherry City Cyclists03/01/2203/31/2208/01/2209/26/2210/15/22Volunteer
10/08/22Bass Lake Powerhouse DoubleFresno Cycling Club08/01/2209/01/2210/01/2210/08/22UnkownVolunteer
10/15/22Solvang Autumn DoublePlanet Ultra04/15/2208/01/2210/01/2210/14/22UnkownVolunteer
10/22/22Oceanside DoubleMountain High Cycling01/01/2209/01/2210/01/2210/22/2210/21/22Volunteer
12/03/22Dead of Winter DoubleLA Wheelmen08/01/22NoneNoneNone12/10/22Volunteer
12/04/22Dead of Winter Double-DoubleLA Wheelmen08/01/22NoneNoneNone12/11/22Volunteer

2023 California Triple Crown Calendar
The Rides below are for the 2023 California Triple Crown
The California Triple Crown is awarded on a Calendar Year Basis
The Rides below can not be used to complete your 2022 California Triple Crown
02/18/23Camino Real DoublePlanet Ultra12/01/2212/31/2201/30/2302/17/23UnkownVolunteer
03/11/23Joshua Tree DoubleMountain High Cycling12/01/2201/15/2302/28/2303/10/2303/10/23Volunteer
03/18/23Solvang Spring DoublePlanet Ultra12/15/2212/31/2202/28/2303/17/23UnkownVolunteer
04/08/23Mulholland DoublePlanet Ultra01/01/2303/30/2304/05/2304/07/23UnkownVolunteer
04/15/23Hemet D.C.Jim Watrous01/01/2301/30/2303/25/2304/15/23UnkownVolunteer
04/29/23Devil Mountain DoubleQuackcyclists02/01/23None03/31/2304/24/2304/22/23Volunteer
05/06/23Borrego DoubleMountain High Cycling01/01/23NoneNone05/06/2305/07/23Volunteer
05/13/23Central Coast DoubleBMS Cycling01/01/23None05/05/2305/11/23UnkownVolunteer
05/20/23Davis DoubleDavis Bike Club03/01/23None05/01/2305/14/2305/13/23Volunteer
05/27/23Heartbreak DoublePlanet Ultra01/01/2302/28/2305/01/2305/26/23UnkownVolunteer
06/03/23Eastern Sierra DoublePlanet Ultra01/01/2301/31/2305/31/2306/02/23UnkownVolunteer
06/10/23Tour of Two Forests DoublePlanet Ultra01/01/23None06/07/2306/09/23UnkownVolunteer
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